100% fluorochemical free Greaseproof Paper

PROBARRIER Nature – Greaseproof Paper

PROBARRIER Nature: fluorochemical free Greaseproof Paper

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Caring about the environment and choosing sustainable options has an increasing influence on our daily lives. With this in mind, DREWSEN has developed the new greaseproof paper, PROBARRIER Nature for food packaging.

Completely free of fluorochemical the product provides excellent environmental characteristics and is fully biodegradable. The oil and fat barrier is achieved exclusively with the use of natural and renewable materials.

PROBARRIER Nature provides solutions for food packaging that deal responsibly with our environment as well as protecting the consumer. We believe that PROBARRIER Nature is the right choice for all customers especially the high-end brand manufacturers of food that rightly insist on quality and environmentally friendly packaging. In this respect brand promises can be promoted very effectively.

PROBARRIER Nature offers excellent print and conversion characteristics with perfect results when folded, glued, or laminated.

PROBARRIER Nature – naturally well packed.


P.S.: Not 100% fluorochemical free – but also awarded with eco-labels: Probarrier Greaseproof Paper. You can find all the information here > www.fettdichte-papiere.de

PROBARRIER Nature Applications

flexible packaging for direct food contact, e.g.
• paper bags/bags for baked goods and fast food
• wrapping paper for the catering and food industry (fish, meat, cheese, baked goods, etc.)
• greaseproof paper
• pastry cases
• cake underlays/cake doilies
• micro fluting applications/laminate for food packaging (biscuits, confectionery, fast food, etc.)

PROBARRIER Nature Produkt Information


Levels of grease resistance:
   - Low: TAPPI < 60s, DIN V
   - Medium: TAPPI 60-600s, DIN IV
   - High: TAPPI 600-1800s, DIN III

   - 38-120 g/m²


Specially tailored solutions for your requirements and applications
• customized levels of grease resistance
• specific substances
• individual colours
• special surfaces

• one-side treatment on request

PROBARRIER Nature Properties

Greaseproof Paper PROBARRIER Nature

• oil and grease resistant on both sides
• wet strength
• colour natural white/free of optical brighteners
• high strength properties
• very good printability on both sides (flexo/offset printing)
• excellent running and processing properties  
• consistently high product quality
• heat resistant up to 220 °C on request
• tasteless and odourless
• pH-neutral, non-aging
• manufactured from primary fiber
• recyclable
• biodegradable
• compostable
• from sustainable raw materials

PROBARRIER Nature Technical Specifications

Reel and sheets

• machine width: 225 cm
• reel widths: 16 cm to 225 cm
• reel diameter: 60 cm to 145 cm
• cores: 70, 76, 100, 120, 150 mm
• sheets: on request


• ISEGA certificates / food legislation conformity    
    - Recommendation BfR XXXVI 
    - Recommendation BfR XXXVI / 2 on request
    - FDA on request
• ISO 9001, 14001, 50001
• FSC® / PEFC on request
• 100 % fluorochemical free
• compostable
• biodegradable

Download the greaseproof paper product information:

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